And I Thought I Loved Twilight...

Overheard conversation at Target between two employees - one of whom was pregnant: "I'm trying to convince my husband to name the baby Renesmee Carlie"


Eating Out

Tonight we went out to eat for dinner. This is nothing new for us - we usually eat out a few times a week. And the restaurant that we went to is one of our favorites - a Mexican place called Carnitas - we usually eat there a few times a month. What is new for us is that Dillon asked to eat out and to eat at Carnitas! I was all set to make chili for dinner when Dillon said to Jason: I eat at ni-neat-nes! I eat taco at ni-neat-nes. Well, I guess that Jason couldn't say no to Dillon since that's where we went. He is getting so opinionated lately!


Basketball, Babies and BBQ

Last night Jason's friend invited us over for a bbq. Dillon liked playing with the other babies but mostly he loved playing with the basketball set and probably spent over an hour playing. He also had fun "playing" Rock Band.


Jason's Birthday

Today is Jason's birthday. When I asked him a few weeks back what kind of birthday cake he wanted he said: One from the store. I was bummed that he wouldn't let me make him a cake, but the one he picked out was really good. It was so good that Dillon couldn't wait for a piece.


Disney Impromptu

Jason got off work early today so we headed over to Disneyland for a few hours. We rode a couple of rides and went to the Enchanted Tiki Room. The Tiki Room is one of my all time favorites. I loved to watch Dillon watching the birds and plants singing. He clapped for the birds after the songs and was pointing at the water and tiki men. It is so fun seeing one of my favorite places through his eyes.


Sunday Funday



Last week Jason headed out on his yearly "man trip" to Laughlin and being that I don't exactly love to stay by myself, Dillon and I went to visit my mom for the week. We had such a fun and relaxing trip. I was able to start and finish three books and got a quarter of the way through a fourth book. Dillon loved playing in the stream, playing in the sandbox, going to the park, and dragging my mom all over the place. It was so nice to spend so much time with my mom but it's nice to be back home with Jason.