New Years Eve Festivities

To ring in the new year we went to Benihana for dinner and then played cards back at the house. Dinner was super yummy and the show was fun as it always is. Benihana is one of my all time favorite restaurants and I absolutely love there salad. I am so thankful that other members of my family do not share the same opinion of the salad because I love it when I can have more than one of them.

I don't know how the rest of the country is, but in California, you can go to the grocery store and pick up a bottle of champagne (or wine or any other type of alcohol). But, in Colorado, you have to go to the liquor store to purchase alcohol. I just thought that was strange - I knew that Utah was like that, but didn't realize that other states had the same laws. So, while we were at the grocery store picking up some snacks to ring the new year in with, I sent Derek to the liquor store to pick up the champagne to toast in the new year. He brought back one of the biggest bottles I have ever seen! Both stores were out of sparkling cider, so the kiddos had to celebrate with sparkling strawberry juice (it just sounds so gross).


Buffalo Bill

Today we visited the Buffalo Bill Cody museum and grave site. It was another thing that didn't really float my boat before we went, but I am glad that we did go. It is located up on a mountain called lookout mountain and you can see for forever from up there.
Inside the museum there is a short movie that you watch about the life of Buffalo Bill and I found it pretty interesting. But the scene stealer of the movie was none other than Dillon. At one point in the movie they showed a picture of Buffalo Bill and Dillon says really loud "that's a funny man." Everyone in the theater had a good laugh. There was also an Indian in the picture, so we were not one-hundred percent sure who he was talking about, but then they flashed a picture of Buffalo Bill, alone, and what does my little guy say? "There's the funny man again" Thankfully everyone laughed again and thankfully Ryan took Dillon out of the theater.
A few interesting facts that I learned: *After Bill's wife, Louisa, died in 1921, several tons of concrete were poured over the grave so that no one could try to steal Bill's body. *The tradition of putting coins on the grave started when an Indian (I think it was Sitting Bull, but don't remember for sure) placed a buffalo nickel on the grave.
"yook mommy, a buffawoe"


Playing In The Snow And A Hockey Game

Going to Denver in December we thought (and were hoping) for sure that there would be tons of snow. Well, we were wrong. However, there was some snow in our front yard and it was just enough for the kids to play in and build a couple of snowmen. Dillon had so much fun throwing snowballs and attempting to make snow angels. He was so cute doing it - first he would move his little legs and then he would move his little arms - but he could never get them to go at the same time.

We love hockey, so we decided that it would be fun to go to see the Colorado Avalanche play. The tickets that we go were for a "family night" and they included game cards to the ESPN Zone and pizza and sodas at game. Before the game we went to the ESPN Zone to let the kids play and get a snack before we went to the game. Dillon had fun playing the basketball game - even though he could barely get the ball over the railing. Unfortunately while we were there he developed a fever. He had one last night too, but it was gone this morning. We took him to the game anyway (what bad parents we are) and he slept almost the entire time. He started out sleeping on Tiffany, then moved to me, then to Jason and finally he ended up sprawled across Derek and Ryan. He was a trooper. He woke up a few times and cheered and then would fall right back to sleep. It was actually pretty funny. We will have to take him to an Anaheim Ducks game when we get home and he is feeling better.