Couch Potato

Dillon loves hanging out on the couch! If I'm on the couch he wants right up there with me. He is so silly - as soon as I pick him up, he gives me at least one kiss - and then laughs his little head off. He will sit there nicely for about thirty whole seconds and then starts crawling back and forth, climbing up the arm, cruising up and down and then eventually climbs back down onto the ground - only to repeat the cycle five minutes later. He gets so happy when he is up on the couch - his little smile makes it fun for me too.

And in a picture totally unrelated to this post but too cute to leave out, here is a picture of Dillon trying to open the front door. The poor little guy wanted to go outside so badly - he was trying to escape. It's a good thing that I always keep the door locked - he was actually grabbing and turning the handle!


The Sock Monster

Here is where the socks disappear to...

When we pulled the washer and dryer out to move them to the garage, I found a few socks that were previously thought to have been consumed by the mysterious sock monster. I found it amusing that this particular sock wasn't discovered until after it was in the garage. And one of my newly found socks was really eaten by the sock monster - the vacuum! It took me half an hour to save it (and fix the clogged vacuum).


Room With A View

My kitchen is sporting a brand new bay window. Jason and a friend from his work removed the door in the kitchen (that we literally only used like three times since we've moved in) and put in the window. It is so strange to look in the kitchen and see the window there. I can't tell you just how many times I have had to stop and do a double take. It's really exciting to see things finally starting to take place in the ugly old kitchen (after four whole years of saying that something was going to).

In other kitchen news, the plumbers are here today working on moving the washer and dryer to my new laundry room (a.k.a. the garage). They said it should take them two days to finish. Fun stuff!! It will be so nice to have them out of the kitchen - but at the same time, I think a tiny (and by tiny I mean teeny tiny) part of me will miss them being inside.

and some pictures of what the plumbers have been up to this morning:

(wow... there are holes in walls all over my house)


Hole-y Moley

Well, the kitchen remodel is finely underway. I can't believe how long these things take! The first step is relocating the washer and dryer to the garage. In order to do that, we (and by we, I mean Jason) had to dig out our front planter to get to the main drain. We (again, Jason) had to cut a chunk out of the garage floor. And by chunk, I mean 12 inches wide by 18 inches deep from the front of the garage to the back. That is a lot of digging. It took him and two guys ALL day to accomplish it!

We purchased all of our new appliances last week (and I tried to talk Jason into a new TV while we were at it, but he wasn't sold). I am really excited by what we picked - The fridge we chose has a water dispenser that you can tell how many cups and/or ounces to dispense (especially cool since my current fridge doesn't even have a dispenser).

Today, we went tile shopping... What a headache I had when we left. There were so many to choose from. We'd find a floor tile we liked, but it didn't match the counter we have chosen. Then we'd find tile for the back splash and couldn't find a floor tile to match. We were at the store for over an hour going back and forth, back and forth. After an hour, we finally made a decision and found a floor tile (well, it's actually three tiles) we both loved and it matched perfectly with the back splash mosaic I fell in love with and thankfully, they both coordinated with our counter top! Hooray!!


On The Road Again

For the third straight weekend, Jason, Dillon and I were on the road again... This time we went to visit my mom and step-dad in Bishop. We had a really nice time hanging out and relaxing. We splashed around in the kiddie pool with Dillon, went to Mammoth for dinner and ate out on the patio. My mom let Dillon eat spaghetti without us feeding him and he made such a mess - She was the one who got to clean him up!

After the "spaghetti incident"
Dillon and his new girlfriend who is just a few days younger than Dillon


Up, Up and Away!

The first weekend of the month (yes, I know I'm a little behind, but I've been busy), Jason, his brother, Derek, and my sister-in-law, Susan and I went to the Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival. We had such a great time. I was amazed at just how big the hot air balloons were - they were bigger than I ever imagined them to be. We got to sample wines from several local wineries and I found a new champagne that I love - it's an almond champagne... yummy. The festival was Friday - Saturday, but we only went for two days. We stayed at a brand new Marriot and the room was so nice. On Saturday night, Susan & I went to see the balloons all lit up and set to music (the boys stayed in the room to watch the Ducks game) and then on Sunday morning, we got to go up in a hot air balloon. Too bad we only got to go up about 50 feet, but now we have decided that we want to do the real deal. It was lots of fun and I can't wait until we can go back next year! Hopefully, it won't be so hot!



Dillon loves hats! In fact, he is so obsessed with them that it's one of the few words in his vocabulary (he pronounces it Haa-t). He is so cute - he thinks everything is a hat. A sock? He puts it on his head. Blocks and pretty much anything relatively flat is also deemed a hat by Dillon and he promptly places it on his head. His new morning ritual has become coming into mommy and daddy's room, crawling to daddy's closet and pointing up at the shelf that has the hats on it. When we get him up from a nap he points to his tree, says hat and wants to go see the monkey that is wearing a sun visor. He takes it off the monkey, puts it on his head and then sticks it back on one of the two monkeys (although, this morning, he put it on Jack Skellington). Dillon has confiscated one of Jason's many Duck's hats and wears it off and on throughout the day. If Jason has on a hat, Dillon takes it off (and then about 90% of the time, he puts it on my head).

Wearing Ryan's Hat (which Dillon plucked off Ryan's head)

Dillon wearing "his" Duck's hat