My dad and step-mom were staying at a hotel on the beach in Malibu and they invited us to come hang out for the afternoon with them. Even though we were dead tired from not getting any sleep during the Relay we decided that it would be fun to do with Dillon.

Since their hotel had it's own private beach there were not a lot of people and it was just perfect for Dillon to play in the sand and chase the waves.

I kept looking for a celebrity since you always see pictures of them on the beaches of Malibu, but I wasn't lucky enough to spot any... darn. I did however see this lady dressed in this totally crazy outfit that included Ugg boots. Who wears Uggs in the summer and on the beach no less? She looked so funny that I had to discretely snap a few photos of her as she walked by us - coming and going.

The Ugg Lady:

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