i'm back. i'm going to try (keyword: try) to keep my blog updated more frequently (at least more than once every eight months). a lot of stuff has happened since my last post, so, while keeping my posts current, i'll throw in some "flashback" posts.

a friend asked my why i stopped blogging and i really didn't have a clear cut answer. there are many reasons - some good excuses, some not so great excuses. i have been on a journey these past two years and have really changed as a person. that being said, sometimes i felt that i couldn't be open and honest about what i was thinking or feeling because i thought people my judge me or say i needed therapy. so, i've decided that i'm just going to roll with it, i'm going to throw in the good, the bad and the ugly. not just the good, the better and the ok. many times i would write a post and then just delete it without posting out of fear. i've decided that it's ok to just post what i'm feeling.

other reasons: laziness, busyness, just didn't feel like it and then when i did feel like it i didn't really know how to start again. (lame excuses, right?)

oh well, whatever my excuses are/were, i'm back.


Jeannett said...

glad to have you back. :)

Cheri said...

So glad you're back!

Joe n Matthew's Mama said...

How will anyone ever get to know YOU, if you don't share the good the bad and the ugly? =) I LOVE reality. It shows by my choice of tv shows pretty often... but my favorite reality is a woman, keepin it real and just being who God made her to be! Let it shine my friend... I'm looking forward to it! ;)