Over The River And Through The Woods...

Last week was Jason's annual "men's trip." So, since I hate staying alone, Dillon and I went to visit my Mom and Grandma in Bishop. We had a really nice trip. So relaxing - I was able to read a whole book - and not just any book - a nice, long, fat book with 759 pages! It was great to not have all the everyday household chores hurled at me. I did cook two meals for everyone, but I do not consider this a chore - I love doing it!

Dillon had a great time following my mom around the house, feeding the doggies his food (and dropping the food on the dog's back), going for walks with Grandpa Steve, begging for food (taking after the dogs, I suppose) and sitting in the little chair that my brother made in high school wood shop. My mom also gave Dillon a bath in her laundry room sink every night - which he loved!

One day we drove up to Mammoth. It is such a pretty drive. I love seeing all the mountains and lakes, the cute little towns. We stopped for lunch at a little cafe called Tom's Place. We sat outside on the patio and ate lunch to the sound of the nearby stream. Up in Mammoth, we did some shopping and I went to one of my favorite stores. My mom added to my Coach collection with an early Christmas present! You gotta love Christmas in July!!

We came back home on Saturday and then it was rush, rush, rush... Saturday night - shopping. Sunday - Wedding Shower. Monday - kicked out of the house at the very last minute for contractors. Tuesday - hung out with my best friend... I need another vacation!

Dillon eating his Grammie's breakfast

Trying to get Nana's breakfast...

he got it!

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