Halloween Time

We have been wanting to go to Disneyland to see all the Halloween decorations, so we headed over there this afternoon. It was the perfect day to go - the place was practically empty. The lines were so short that we just walked on the rides. In the few hours that we were there, we rode so many rides that Dillon said, "No more rides." He wanted to go in the Tiki Room and then go home. So that's just what we did.

"I want to go on that ride!"

"i have to wash my hands"


Cheri said...

Oh my gosh- can I tell you how jealous I am!
I want so badly to take my kids to Disney but when you count in air fare, tickets, food, hotels, so forth it's a huge investment.
You are so fortunate to be close enough to just go there for a day trip!

Rachel Slagle said...

i love disney :) i have lived close my entire life but, i have also been to disneyworld twice so i can totally relate to the big investment.