King Of Hearts

Yesterday was my father-in-law's birthday. I volunteered to make the dessert since it gave me a great excuse to bake. He loves playing cards, so I took that theme and ran with it. He requested yellow cupcakes with chocolate pudding filling and chocolate icing. I have never made chocolate buttercream before, but let me tell you - it was delicious... I seriously thought about not frosting the cupcakes and just eating all of the frosting with a spoon. I made King of Heart cards out of fondant for half of the cupcakes and put red and white sprinkles and hearts and spades made from candy melts on the others.
When it was time to eat the cupcakes I gave Dillon one while my father-in-law took two. Dillon looked at his plate and said, "hey, I want two." I told him that he could only have one and his response? "But PaPa Neil has two." Smart little boy!


Cheri said...

Rachel- they turned out so great!!!
I wish you lived closer- I'd order them for our Birthday parties!

Kristen said...

those are great - and they look so yummy!