Swish Swish

Saturday night we went out to celebrate my sister-in-law Sherre's birthday. Her first choice of restaurant went out of business a few months back (darn economy) so after much debate and deliberation, we decided to go out for Shabu Shabu, which basically translates to "Swish Swish." Someone in our party described it as Teppan but instead of cooking the food on a grill, you cook it in boiling water. Ummm... no, sorry, not even close. It's basically an Asian version of one of my favorites - fondue. The food was good and it was a lot of fun trying something new. My meal consisted of a plate of tofu, vegetables, udon and glass noodles and a plate of meat - four shrimp, thinly sliced chicken and thinly sliced steak (and by thinly sliced, I mean like lunch meat thin and I think that there was only like four pieces of those, too). The meat cooked in like five seconds - It was literally the time that it took to swish swish it through your water and it was done. Talk about fast food! And, while it was fun and tasty, it's more of a place to go for the atmosphere because, well, we left hungry. Yes, hungry as in I could have eaten again as soon as we were out of the place. Oh, well, at least it was a new experience.


Jeannett Gibson said...

yeah, that doesn't look very filling...or very good to be honest. I hate things like that. There's (almost) nothing worse than going out to a fun dinner and going home hungry. Blech.

Cheri said...

Yup- me too- I would have been hungry yet.
Looks like it was great company though!