Happy Birthday Jason!

Today was Jason's birthday and to celebrate we went out for Mexican food. He thought it was going to just be the three of us, but I surprised him by inviting Derek and the kids and David and Kara! He was so surprised when we got to the restaurant and they were there. Too bad he wasn't as surprised by his gift...
He had mentioned that he needed a new wallet, so that is what I decided to get him (exciting, I know). Dillon was with me and insisted on getting him a brown wallet and I figured that Jason would like it since Dillon picked it out. I also got him a few gift cards and slipped them into the wallet before I wrapped it up. All day Dillon was so excited to give his Daddy his present that the minute Jason walked in the door Dillon handed him his cards and present and said "Open your cards and your present. It's a wallet and it brown. Open your wallet, Daddy!" It was cute!
I also tried to surprise him with a cake, but that failed too! I made sure that I had cleaned up every single piece of anything that I had used to make the cake with, did all the dishes, wiped down the counters, stashed the cake away in a cabinet, only to have my attempts at a surprise foiled by Jason... and Dillon. Jason was home for less than five. FIVE. minutes when he says "I smell cake. Dillon, did Mommy make a cake?" "Yeah, my Mommy make a cake for you and it has a guitar on it!" Thanks little big mouth!

Dinner was a lot of fun and delicious. The waiter found out that it was Jason's birthday (no one told him - he saw presents) and at the end of dinner, they surprised him with a sundae and stuck a big sombrero and his head, shoved a spoon in his mouth and sang him a birthday song. It was pretty funny and he was a good sport. When we were getting ready to leave the restaurant, Jason left the hat on the table and the waiter placed it back on his head and told him that it was his to keep. Just what we need - a big huge sombrero! At least Dillon will have fun playing with it.

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