Fun At The Lake

This weekend we ran away to Lake Havasu with Derek and the kids to visit my Aunt & Uncle. It was beyond hot - over 110 degrees - but we had a great time. We went boating out on the lake two days and spent a ton of time relaxing in the pool. Dillon was a bit of a handful - the kid never wanted to get out of the pool - except to jump in again! And this meant that he didn't want to go to bed either. I don't think that I ever sucessfully got him to bed before ten-thirty and in the process of getting him to bed I ended up falling asleep too. And you would think that staying up late would make him sleep in... yeah, no... that didn't happen. But at least, even with his lack of sleep, he was in a decent mood.

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Cheri said...

What a gorgeous pool. Looks like a beautiful place to spend some great family time!