Couch Potato

Dillon loves hanging out on the couch! If I'm on the couch he wants right up there with me. He is so silly - as soon as I pick him up, he gives me at least one kiss - and then laughs his little head off. He will sit there nicely for about thirty whole seconds and then starts crawling back and forth, climbing up the arm, cruising up and down and then eventually climbs back down onto the ground - only to repeat the cycle five minutes later. He gets so happy when he is up on the couch - his little smile makes it fun for me too.

And in a picture totally unrelated to this post but too cute to leave out, here is a picture of Dillon trying to open the front door. The poor little guy wanted to go outside so badly - he was trying to escape. It's a good thing that I always keep the door locked - he was actually grabbing and turning the handle!

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Marcia Fiedorowicz said...

It's pretty funny that he cruises the couch! It is a pretty exciting thing to be able to finally climb up things!!! He must be so proud of himself :)