Disneyland... Again

Since we needed a break from reality, I headed to Disneyland with Dillon and my nieces, Tiffany and Jordan. I had really been wanting to see Disneyland all decked out for Christmas and let me tell you, it did not disappoint! Absolutely beautiful.

We had a ton of fun and rode a bunch of rides. Dillon has been begging me to go on a roller coaster (specifically, Big Thunder Mountain) but he is too short. So we took him on Gadget's Go Coaster in Toontown. I was a tad bit nervous that he would be scared, but he LOVED it! He also got to go on It's a Small World for the first time. He thinks it's called the Jingle Bells Ride because it has Christmas music playing in it.

We also at lunch at Cafe Orleans and on a whim I ordered us some Mickey Mouse shaped donuts. They were out of this world. They came with a vanilla creme sauce and I had to scold not only Dillon for trying to lick his plate, but the girls too. Yep, it was that yummy!

having fun with Chip (or is it Dale?):

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