Buffalo Bill

Today we visited the Buffalo Bill Cody museum and grave site. It was another thing that didn't really float my boat before we went, but I am glad that we did go. It is located up on a mountain called lookout mountain and you can see for forever from up there.
Inside the museum there is a short movie that you watch about the life of Buffalo Bill and I found it pretty interesting. But the scene stealer of the movie was none other than Dillon. At one point in the movie they showed a picture of Buffalo Bill and Dillon says really loud "that's a funny man." Everyone in the theater had a good laugh. There was also an Indian in the picture, so we were not one-hundred percent sure who he was talking about, but then they flashed a picture of Buffalo Bill, alone, and what does my little guy say? "There's the funny man again" Thankfully everyone laughed again and thankfully Ryan took Dillon out of the theater.
A few interesting facts that I learned: *After Bill's wife, Louisa, died in 1921, several tons of concrete were poured over the grave so that no one could try to steal Bill's body. *The tradition of putting coins on the grave started when an Indian (I think it was Sitting Bull, but don't remember for sure) placed a buffalo nickel on the grave.
"yook mommy, a buffawoe"

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