Rach Of Cakes

I have really been enjoying making cakes this past year. Jason has started calling me "The Ace of Cakes" after one of my favorite TV shows and I always tell him that I'm the Rach of Cakes.

The first cakes that I made were Dillon's birthday cakes from his first birthday. I think that it was a good first attempt.

Next came Ryan's birthday cake - his request was for a chocolate cake with chocolate filling and chocolate frosting. So, I made a chocolate cake and filled it with hot fudge. Unfortunately, it suffered an accident and I have no before pictures (and don't want to put any of the "after" ones).

I also made the cake (well, actually cakes) for my niece, Tiffany's, Sweet Sixteen party. This was also my first attempt at rolled fondant. I made what felt like ten trillion (in reality it was somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty) little cakes that were supposed to resemble Tiffany boxes. I was very pleased with the outcome, even though they were supposed to be topped with fondant bows - but I ran out of time for those.

My most recent cake was made this weekend for my mother-in-law's birthday. It was a two tier, four layer cake. The bottom tier was lemon cake with lemon frosting in between the layers (I used store bought frosting that I jazzed up with lemon juice and lemon zest) and the top tier was a chocolate cake with banana filling. The filling was super easy to make and was super yummy. I made white buttercream frosting (I loosely followed the Wilton recipe - but used all butter instead of half butter and half shortening) and covered it with rolled fondant cut-outs. I was super proud of the way it turned out (even though it was far from perfect) and was so happy that it survived the car ride to her house. I don't think that I have ever been so stressed on a car ride!


Jeannett Gibson said...

I took one of those Wilton cake decorating classes at Michaels...highly recommend it. Cheap, easy and fun!

Josh & Jessica Brown said...

i'm impressed!