Today is the one year anniversary of my very first blog post and what better of a post to introduce my new kitchen. I have been wanting to post the pictures for awhile and pictures along the way, but someone (cough, cough, Jason, cough) wanted me to wait until people had seen it in person. So... without further ado, I proudly present my kitchen. (to see the "before" pictures, click here and here)


Jeannett Gibson said...

WOW. That is gorgeous!

And, my heart skipped a beat at the pop up mixer shelf!

(I see you took Lisa's picture advice!)

Rachel Slagle said...

I love my mixer shelf so much and now I use the mixer way more than before.

I was so excited to see Lisa's photo editing tip - I have been looking for something like that for a long time :)

Christina said...

TOTALLY LOVE YOUR kitchen, esp the pop- up mixer shelf awesome idea. Looks really nice! Those are really nice ovens too they are kid proof too (doesnt get hot) cool huh... anyways have a great day!