Twenty-Five Random Things About Me (That You May Or May Not Know...)

My friend Hilda tagged me for this. I tried to come up with twenty-five new things.

1. My favorite flowers are tulips. Coming in at a close second are gerbera daisies.
2. I wish I was a better cook.
3. I took roughly one thousand pictures between mid-November and early January.
4. Penguins are my favorite animals.
5. When my mom first moved to Bishop almost ten years ago, I thought I could never live there... now, I'm not so sure. I find myself enjoying the small town life. (if only there was a Target)
6. I have never gone on a vacation somewhere and not wanted to go back.
7. I've done just about everything that I said I wouldn't do when I was a mom.
8. I have never been pulled over while driving.
9. In high school I never once got detention.
10. Jason once made me camp at the river over Forth of July weekend in one-hundred and twenty degree heat. I hated it and told him that I would never go camping again... and we haven't. (I don't consider this a vacation because we spent many weekends out at the river)
11. I used to take rice to school for lunch in elementary school. I would use food coloring to dye it various colors like green and purple.
12. I have seen Wicked twice and would love to see it ten more times.
13. I spent my fifth birthday in the hospital.
14. I broke my clavicle when I was in third grade.
15. When I was in high school I went with a friend to an amusement park and we talked with English accents all day. So, so dorky, I know.
16. I knew I would marry Jason before we even had our first date.
17. I like Top Ramen
18. I had way too many Cabbage Patch Kids when I was little (I think I had like thirteen). One of my favorites was a "world traveler" from Holland - it came with cute little plastic wooden shoes.
19. I once peeked at my birthday presents when I was little and knew every single present that I was getting. Worst. Birthday. Ever. (yes, even worse than my fifth)
20. My brother and I never got along when we were younger, but now we hang out all the time.
21. I am hooked on The Bachelor - a show I swore up and down I would never watch.
22. I love TiVo... but I often forget to fast forward through the commercials.
23. I always wished that I had a twin... hmmm... maybe that is why I would love to have twins?
24. I often have dreams about being back in high school and in them I never know where my classes are.
25. I love peanut butter frozen yogurt with peanut butter cups from Golden Spoon.

Tag! You're it!


Cheri said...

That was really fun. I hate the heat- that camping trip would have done me in!
Tulips and Gerbera daisies are my favorites too!

PITA said...


Kristen said...

this was fun! i may take that idea and do it for my upcoming 300th post!