This weekend we went to Lake Havasu to celebrate my cousin, Wesley, graduating high school. I clearly remember the day he was born and holding him a few days later. I can't believe that he has graduated! He joined the Air Force and leaves in September to go to basic training. It was great to be able to spend some time with him before he leaves.

We had such a fun, relaxing weekend. We went out on the lake two of the days. It was Dillon's first time on the boat and he loved it! He keeps talking about how the boat goes "really, really fast." It was also fun for him because two of my other cousins have kids around his age and they play so good together.

I think that my absolute favorite part of the weekend was watching Dillon. Seeing him interact and have real conversations with his little cousins was cool - He's never really had the opportunity to do it before. He was a real little person instead of just a baby. Amazing. How did that happen? And I loved getting to snuggle with him on the boat. Of all our trips to the lake and/or river, this one was definitely my favorite!

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