Is Anybody Home?

So, someone left me a comment a bit ago asking if anyone was home on my blog and the answer is yes... I've just been locked in a closet or something. Actually, there are many reasons why my blog has been neglected lately including: I have been out of the house a ton, out of town a lot, my trusty old camera bit the dust and my laptop crashed. Other reasons include lack of motivation. I fell behind my blog and then it just seemed like a monstrous feat to even try to catch up. Like trying to fill a bucket with water when there are several holes pierced into the bottom of it. Just doesn't work. Also, after all the stuff that happened to and in our family at the end of last year, I hadn't really been feeling like myself. Some days it just felt like I was going through the motions of my life but that it wasn't really my reality. I had stopped doing the things that made me feel like me...

And then one day a friend gave me some books and I started reading them - something the old me did all the time. I devoured those books in nothing flat. And shortly after that I went scrapbooking for a weekend- the first time in over ten years that I had gone without Susan. And it was hard at first, but by the end of the first day, I was feeling more and more like the old Rachel. It felt good to be getting back into the swing of my former self. There are still days where I feel like I am in a funk that I can't get out of, but each and every day it's getting easier to be me. Easier to be who I was before.

I have really missed writing and posting pictures on my blog. And I am happy to say that it is one hundred percent up to date - yay me! Here's hoping that it stays this way. (So, scroll down and read the twenty-something posts that I just published and leave me lots of comments... or not)


Kristen said...

i have been behind repeatedly on my blog through the summer. it just happens!

good job getting us caught up. it looks like you have had a very very fun but busy summer. great job on the cakes/cupcakes - as always. you are so good at coming up with fun ideas.

what fun books have you been reading? anything good to suggest?

Jeannett Gibson said...

I'm not gonna lie...I didn't read all the posts, but I DID look at the pictures! Glad you are back!

Rose said...

I'm very, very glad that you're feeling like you're getting back to where you belong. Climbing out of funks can be the hardest thing, and sometimes all the outside help and love, as good-intentioned as it is, doesn't really help at all.

Welcome back :o)