Idol Review

Last night's Idol wasn't too bad. I was sad and a little surprised to see Phil go home, but I fully expected that Chris would be sent packing. My prediction was that it would be Lakisha and Chris, so I was half right. It's going to be hard now, because the final four are all really good.
Here are some of my random thoughts on this weeks show:
  • The Ford music video was really creepy. I didn't really like it and was a tad freaked out by it.
  • I'm not reall sure if I like Blake's new hair - I hope it's just temperary - he looks better blonde.
  • Robbin Thicke is very strange - looking and sounding. I had never really seen him or heard him. I kept waiting for his voice to get lower - it was unnaturally high. And he looks so much like his dad - just a strange verison of him

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