Life With My One Year Old

Can I say that I just love life with a one year old? I have always wanted a baby - a newborn if you will - but I never gave much thought to having a toddler or -gasp- an older kid. But one is so fun! One year olds can do so much more than the itty-bitty babies can. They can say Mama (or in Dillon's case: Mom) and Dada and know what they mean. And Dillon gives the best kisses - albeit a little wet and sloppy - but they completely melt your heart. He will crawl up to me and hug me, he can tell me when he wants more Cheerios, and gets so excited by praise that he starts clapping and screeching with joy. He loves to clap - I sing him the "Wheel's on the Bus" song but change the words to "the Dillons on the bus go clap, clap, clap" and he claps along right on cue. I love seeing him grow and learn. I love seeing the excitement in his eyes when he accomplishes a new or hard task. I love his sense of wonder when he sees or hears new things. I love how happy he gets when he gets to go outside. I love when he shares his Cheerios (or pretends to but pops them into his mouth at the last second). I love one!

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Marcia Fiedorowicz said...

HOLY COW! Rach... he has changed SO SO SO much since Jan! He looks like a little boy now :( What are you doing to my Dilly?