Mother's Day

My day started out pretty crappy. I woke up to find my new Coach bag sitting in a pool of water. The kitty had knocked over a cup of water that was sitting near my bag overnight and my bag soaked it up like a sponge. The whole outside was sopping wet and even some of the things inside were wet too. Next I went to get dressed and the shirt I had packed to wear had two spots on the front and my pants were unbelievably wrinkled. I was ready to throw in the towel, pack it up and cry.

To cheer me up, Jason let me open the presents that "Dillon" had picked out for his mommy. I got a lot of nice gifts including "The Night at the Museum" DVD (I love Ben Stiller and this movie cracks me up!) and a bottle of the perfume that I have been wanting. It did make me feel a little better. But I felt much better after a little "retail therapy" with my partners in crime. We went to Old Navy where I bought myself a spot and wrinkle free outfit. After changing in the car, we went to Target to pick up a few odds and ends. I got myself a dish scrubber that was in the shape of a monkey (and on sale for 89 cents) and a few other things. The cherry on top of the "therapy" session was going to Starbucks for a Dulce de Leche Frappuccino.

We went back to the house and spent most of the rest of the day hanging out by the pool. We had some delicious snacks and a yummy dinner and then relaxed in the jacuzzi. It was so nice. All in all, the day turned out good. I hope every one had a very Happy Mother's Day!

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Marcia Fiedorowicz said...

I'm glad the day got progressively better! If only mine had.. :(