Last week Jason & I were watching "Throwdown with Bobby Flay" on food network. The challenge was cupcakes. We got to talking about the famous cupcake place in Beverly Hills, Sprinkles. Tons of celebrities go there and even Oprah had brought them in for her audience one day. We said that since Jason is in LA a bunch for work, he should go there and get us some cupcakes. Well, today was the day. He had an appointment three miles from Sprinkles. I was so excited! I usually don't like when he has to go to LA because, well, it's just so dang far and there is soooo much traffic. But today, I was totally happy. I was going to get to be like the rich and famous. So, after his appointment, he headed to Beverly Hills. He called me and asked me how badly I wanted the cupcakes. He had been circling around for fifteen minutes looking for a place to park. Apparently, it's smack dab in the middle of Beverly Hills, about two blocks from Rodeo Drive, and to top it off, it was lunch time. I told him that I really wanted them, but that he didn't have to go - there would be other times. He was getting grumpy at the lack of places to park and that there were parking structures but you had to pay. So, I was fully expecting him to come home empty handed, without the lemon and dark chocolate cupcakes that I had ordered. Well, Jason came home bearing the much hyped cupcakes. We opened the box and peered in... They even looked yummy. I decided to eat my lemon one and he started with his dark chocolate one (he's such a copy cat). He took a bit first. I tried my. Oh. My. Gosh!! They were so good. They lived up to their reputation. They were like a bit of Heaven. The lemon one was the most moist cake I have ever had in my life. And the chocolate one was so decadent. Dillon even got a few bites and seemed to like them (not a big surprise, since he eats everything) Oh, and he ended up paying to park in a structure and walking a few blocks. The parking was sooo expensive - he said it was a quarter - hahaha! I really hope he'll be back in LA soon - I need a sprinkles fix!


Anonymous said...

MMMMM.....they just look soooo yummy!!!

PS: I finally posted a comment:)

Rachel Slagle said...

It's about time :)

Marcia Fiedorowicz said...

Um.. since the two lemon ones are side by side, they kind of look like boobies. They should REALLY pack them diagonal :)

The question of the hour... how much did you PAY for those 4 cupcakes?!?!?

Rachel Slagle said...

Jason said the same thing about the lemon cupcakes :) They are a little pricey - $3.25 each - but they are sooooo worth it. But thinking about it now, two cupcakes is about the same price as ordering one dessert at a restaurant. So, not too bad I guess.