My Little Monkey

Dillon has learned how to climb. Tonight, that skill landed us in the ER! Dillon decided to climb onto the kitchen table and as he was getting down, he fell and hit his head on the corner of the chair. You may wonder where I was while this was happening and truth be told - I was standing there! He fell right through my hands! Bad Mommy! I picked him up of the floor and he was crying hysterically and wanted Daddy. As Jason was sitting with him on the couch trying to calm the poor little guy down, I noticed that there was blood on Jason's hand and that it was coming from Dillon's head. I decided that I should call the pediatrician before I called 911 (which was my first thought) and after much ado (I dialed the wrong number first and then my cell phone almost died) he told me to take him to the ER since he was conscious. By this point the blood had stopped and the tears had, too and all Dillon wanted was to play the drums. So we loaded him up in the car, drum sticks and all. The pediatrician recommended that we take him to St. Joseph's in Orange, so that's where we went. When we got there I couldn't find where to park right away and discovered that they valet the cars. We went in and the ER was swarming with people. I filled out the paperwork and we waited. And waited. And then they called us and a million other people back for triage. Turns out that they also have a CHOC ER there and so we were taken there. I guess I should mention that by this time, if we had let him, he would have been running all over the place - if you didn't know better, you would think that nothing was wrong with him! After we waited for around an hour, the nurse came over and put some numbing stuff on the back of his head and did this two more times. At around hour two, they put us in a room and Dillon was jumping on the bed - little monkey - and wanting to turn the automatic sink on and off and wanting to play with everything in sight. Another nurse came in the room and he pointed in the sink and said "bubbles." So, she came back with a bottle of bubbles for us to blow for him. And a little later, after it was determined that he should have a staple put in his little head, a therapist of some sort came into the room with a mini DVD player (playing Dora the Explorer), a Bob the Builder toy, some sort of spinning lighted thing and more bubbles. Dillon was in heaven! They said that the normal procedure for putting a staple into a baby's head would be to hold their head down on the table, but that he was so distracted that they would just try to do it with him sitting there - and they did - and he didn't even flinch - he just said "more bubble." We were told that he was the easiest baby they have ever done. So now the staple has to stay in for ten days and then he will be as good as new. My poor little guy!


Jeannett Gibson said...

Ok...seriously...my stomach churned when you described stapling HIS HEAD...RIGHT THERE. I would have died.

Marcia Fiedorowicz said...

Holy crap! And you sat and watched the whole thing? EEwwww!

However, I do have to agree... you do have the greatest baby!!!