Wii Are Crazy (A Thanksgiving Story)

For Thanksgiving we drove up to Bishop to spend the long weekend with my family. We were planning to drive up Thursday morning, but Jason ended up having Wednesday off, so we were able to leave a day early. We had such a nice day and an awesome meal which included a thirty-one and a half pound turkey!

Wednesday night we started talking about how fun it would be to play Guitar Hero III - the only problem was - we didn't have it. My cousin had brought Playstation but Jason has wanted a Wii for a while, so we decided to go to Kmart on the off chance that they would have one (you never know, right?). Of course, they didn't have one in stock, so we kicked around the idea of buying the Playstation one. Jason just kept saying that he really wanted a Wii and didn't want to have to buy a Playstation when we got home. While we were all standing around, I noticed a sign - it said that they were getting Wiis in on Thanksgiving! We asked the guy behind that counter about it and he informed us that they only had twelve and that the store opened at seven in the morning - but that there would probably be a line to get them. So, I decided that being the nice wife that I am, I would get my but up at five in the morning and go down to Kmart. Well, I had a hard time sleeping that night and ended up getting up at four-thirty and piled on four layers of clothing. Jason, being the nice husband that he is, offered to go with me and I took him up on the offer - I was a tad bit afraid to go out that early by myself. We pulled into the parking lot one minute after five and there were already four people in line. We decided to park the car where we could see the line because it was cold out - actually - it was freezing - it was twenty-six and there was no way I wanted to stand out there for two hours! We sat in the cold car for an hour and we saw the manager come out of the store. He was passing out the "golden tickets" to claim the Wii when the store opened! Jason hopped out of the car and went and got ours! Woo-hoo! We were getting a Wii! It was so nice to be able to go home to my mom's nice warm house to finish waiting. At seven-thirty, we went back, go our Wii, got Guitar Hero, got an extra controller and didn't have to freeze our butts off in the process. We all spent hours playing tennis, bowling and Guitar Hero. After dinner, the boys went outside and played football and Dillon loved running around in the front yard playing in all the leafs. What a great day we had.

My big boy feeding himself

Too much turkey for Brad

Look what Dillon learned to do:

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