So I heard about the Writers strike and that there was some sort of strike in New York, which I thought was just a strike of the writers on the east coast. I wasn't too bothered by the whole strike thing because, honestly, I can live without TV. It will be hard, yes, but I'll survive. What I didn't realize was that the "other" strike is the stage hands strike and that the majority is currently shut down. And while normally, it wouldn't be a big deal to me, I have been planning a vacation to NYC with Susan and Tiffany since May. And that trip includes tickets to two Broadway shows! As long as I can remember, I have dreamed of seeing a Broadway musical and of going to New York. I can't believe that my dream vacation may turn into a nightmare. I may have to fore go seeing Wicked on Broadway and seeing the original Broadway cast of The Little Mermaid. I'm so sad! Hopefully there will be an end to the stagehand's strike soon and that the shows will be up and running again before December fourth, which is when we are supposed to see Wicked.

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Marcia Fiedorowicz said...


I missed it in Dallas when I injured my knee. I missed it in Oklahoma City because I couldn't drive due to the injury on my knee. I want to see it SO SO SO terribly bad!

I sure hope my bad luck hasn't traveled your way!