Behold the ugliness...

Well, here, as promised are the pictures of my kitchen...

The flooring. This picture makes it look not as ugly as it really is. In reality, it's more of a golden yellow with a dark brown - almost black design. And no, it's not dirty - it always looks that way!

And you just gotta love the wall paper circa the 80's. Beige with blueish flowers and orangeish squiggles. Peeling off the wall. Tons of holes from nails over the years. And then there are strange pencil marks - lines really - like maybe a growth chart? Don't really know what they are - I just know that they don't come off.

The lovely storage oven. Can't bake in it, so it just holds all my baking pans and stoneware. It does work, but the seals are old and cracked and it doesn't hold in the heat. It's just way more efficient to use it for storage. Oh, and the long cabinet to the right? That's our "pantry". Doesn't hold much. The shelves are so close together that you can't even put a box of cereal on them. Pointless really.

The previous owners put in a new entry to the kitchen. They never painted the new drywall and well, neither did we. Jason didn't want to "waste money" by painting it when we were going to redo the whole kitchen anyway. The best part is that the old owner (a contractor no less) put the plaster at the corner over the nasty wallpaper. That's going to be really fun to take the wall paper off - can't wait.

Not much to say but, yes those tiles are orange and brown and rust. And the hood vent is the color of coffee with cream and is probably from the 70's. You can see the top of one of the only functional things in the kitchen - our stove and working oven. Luckily, when we rented, we had to buy our own stove, so when Jason caught the one that came with the house on fire, we had a replacement already sitting in the garage.

This right here is basically ALL my storage. I really love the fact that it's less than a foot deep (haha) and the it won't even hold my serving platters. Simply marvelous! Oh, and the best part is that when we have earthquakes, it sorta swings back and forth. Really fun stuff!

These are the only drawers in the entire kitchen. That's it. Makes storing all my millions of cooking gadgets really challenging. Notice how weathered the wood is? Isn't it beautiful? How can you not love it?

Here I have zoomed in on the most decorated object in the kitchen. See all the nails that the old owners put in the face of the drawer to hold it on? I guess that 5 or 6 wouldn't cut it - they had to use 37 nails and 2 screws.
And if you still don't believe me that the kitchen is a scary place - here's the real proof: Dillon will not go in there on his own. He always stops when he gets to the edge of the carpet.

Well, there you have it. My kitchen. I hope I haven't given you nightmares...

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Anonymous said...

Thats too funny that Dillon wont go near or in the kitchen haha.. good luck with your kitchen makeover... - Christina