Duck, Duck, Goose!

This afternoon we took Dillon to the park to feed the ducks. It's something that I remember doing as a little girl, so it was really neat to take him. And we even took him to the same park that my mom took me to.

He was so cute - and fearless - feeding the ducks. He would pick out his victim the duck he wanted to feed and then chase after it before finally throwing the duck something to munch on. Even the big geese - the ones as tall as him - didn't faze him!


Kristen said...

my kids love feeding the ducks too. it is one of my sons favorite things to do.

Rose said...

Is that Regional Park? Awww!

Dillion gets bigger and cuter every day. You must be so proud, Rach.

Rachel Slagle said...

Yes that was indeed Regional Park. Memories, huh? It's changed so much since we were little - they have an aquatics complex complete with water slides and a lazy river!