My Latest Creation

My father-in-law plays golf every week. So, for his seventieth birthday, I decided to make golf themed cupcakes. The cupcakes were white cupcakes filled with chocolate pudding and chocolate cupcakes filled with banana cream pudding. I made mini golf balls out white fondant and pin flags out of blue and red fondant. I used the different colored flags to mark which cupcakes which flavors. I whipped up a batch of butter cream frosting that I tinted green for my grass.

To make the flags, first I used a cookie cutter to cut out a star in my fondant.

Next, I used a butter knife to make the stars into five diamond shapes. I then wrapped the short end of the diamond around a lollipop stick.

After the flags hardened a bit, I used a Wilton fondant writer to put the numbers on the flags.


Kristen said...

Those cupcakes are super cute! I love the idea of the pudding filling. My son's bday is coming up next month and he wants cupcakes (colored batter for the wiggles) but the pudding in the center would be fun! Any tips on filling the cupcakes??

Rachel Slagle said...

kristen - it is pretty easy to fill the cupcakes. i have the pampered chef easy accent decorator and it has a filling tip. you could also use a pastry bag with wilton tip #230. all i do is stick the tip in the center of the top of the cupcake and squeeze slowly. i usually make a couple of extra cupcakes because i always end up blowing up one or two by over filling it :) once the are filled i wait a few minutes because some of the filling oozes out the hole. after, i just frost the tops and it hides the hole. hope these tips help.

Kristen said...

Thanks Rachel! That does help!

Christina said...

Your so SO Talented! I would have never thought of doing that... I should have had you make Colin's birthday cake... haha Super CUTE idea and looks like they turned out good! bet they were yummy too...?? :)