Unhappy Valentine's Day

The day started out great and was fine right up until I burned my hand. I stupidly - out of habit - grabbed the handle of the pan. Normally, it doesn't get hot - it has a silicone handle - but I cooked with it in the oven - a three-hundred-seventy-five degree oven. Ouch! After that, the steak got over cooked because I was distracted by the pain in my hand. Jason had to help me finish cooking everything else and he was nice enough to do the dishes after dinner... until the sink drain started leaking.

The day wasn't entirely a bust: Jason surprised me with a dozen red roses and chocolate covered strawberries (which went great with the cheesecake I picked up for dessert). The table looked great. The dinner was tasty - even with the overcooked steak.

So far today looks better than yesterday... The plumber just left and luckily the leak was covered under the warranty. And, my hand only has blisters in three spots - last night I was thinking my whole hand would be covered.

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Christina said...

how is your burn... I burnt my finger on sat cooking but just a finger and I thought that I was dying... How is your hand? that was nice of Jason to help finish dinner and do dishes! hope you get better soon...