Hello, My Name Is...

Dillon is adding new words and names to his vocabulary on a daily basis. He says some really cute things and some not so cute things. He used to call me "mom" and that really irked me because I wanted to be "mommy." But now he has also started calling me "Rachel" which is so not cute (although, in Dillonese it's more like Gar-kel, so it is kind of cute). Here are some more of the names in his vocabulary (and their translations).

Nannie = Dillon

Not to be confused with: Nana = my grandma, Hannah Montana and also what he calls bananas

Ne-Nu = Susan

Deck = Derek

Mi Mi = Tiffany

ZaZa = Ryan

New = Jordan

She-a = Sheila

I-wan = Kevin

Mommy = Tommy

Fer Fer = Christopher
Doe = Dale

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