Two Year Check-up

Tuesday we had Dillon's two year check-up. Everything checked out perfect. He tipped the scales at thirty pounds fourteen ounces (eightieth percentile) and was thirty-five inches tall (sixtieth percentile). They also tested him for anemia and that came back fine as well.

While I was talking to his pediatrician, Dillon was quite the chatter box - she was asking me about different foods that he eats and he would chime right in. She was telling me that he could have one glass of juice a day and he chimes in: apple ju, apple ju, apple ju. And I said the word broccoli and he piped in with brockee, brockee. Dr. Aguilar asked him if he likes broccoli and replies, "yeah." Dillon showed her his finger after his blood test and she asked him who poked his finger and he told her that it was Daddy. We all had a good chuckle - especially since daddy wasn't there.

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Kristen said...

Yeah -glad his appointment went well. I bet the dr got a kick out of him chiming in with his responses.