Pirate Party

On Saturday, we had a Pirate themed barbecue to celebrate Dillon's second birthday. It was lots of fun and pretty much stress free! Dillon really enjoyed opening his presents - it's the first time that he has been into it. He was so cute - he even got excited when he opened clothes. The only bummer was that the weather wasn't so great. Friday was beautiful, but Saturday was the exact opposite - it was cold and windy.

Dillon blew out the candles on his first try:

Dillon checking out his new bike:

Dillon loved giving kisses to Addison (or as he calls her Addinu):


Kristen said...

cute cute cute - all of it! his costume, the cake, the cupcakes. it looks like everyone had a great time in spite of the weather!

Christina said...

Rachel, OMG YOU ARE SOOOOOOO TALENTED! The cake turned out soooooo cute, looks like the party was a smash hit!

Cheri said...

Wow- I'm so impressed. That is one awesome Birthday party!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and the suggestion for the Melting Pot.
I think that might be where we go.
I'll be back by your blog soon- I love it!