Finger Painting Fun

Tons of Fun!

I decided to get some finger paints for Dillon and yesterday the weather was perfect for some outside fun. I wasn't too sure how he would do with them because he really doesn't like his hands getting dirty (he had to be fed his first birthday cake with a spoon!) But he LOVED it! And I'm not sure what he liked painting more - the paper or his tummy!


Cheri said...

Oh how cute can he be- I love the green paint on his belly!
What a masterpiece- I would frame that!

Sarah Markley said...

Hi Rachel! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Your little guy is sooo cute! And, you are pretty creative too (I love the plus sign thing). =)

Marcia Fiedorowicz said...

Oh Dilly!!! How you have grown!! I'm glad that he has overcome his hands being dirty to make glorious works of art for you!!! It's funny how he painted his belly to look so nice, too!

PS- LOVE the layout!!! Want to teach me so I can make a decent one :)

Kristen said...

i love the finger painting - what a fun (and brave) thing to do with dillon. i love how you presented your post with the plus sign -too cute!