My Five

What I was doing five years ago today:
*Starting a new job
*Meeting Jason (ten years ago today, literally)
* Taking a ton of theatre classes in college
* Sewing a costume for the Renaissance Fair in my costume design class
* Babysitting kids who are now old enough to babysit Dillon (yikes!)

Five things on my to-do list today:
* Go to church
* Hang out with Susan
* Exchange some shirts that I bought for Dillon
* Buy some new jeans for myself
* Relax

Five snacks that I enjoy:
* Almonds
* Celery with almond butter
* Popcorn cooked on the stove top
* Salsa
* Ice Cream

Things I'd do if I was a millionaire:
* Payoff our house and then add on to it
* Open a summer camp for underprivileged kids
* Own a bakery or restaurant
* Start a foundation that provides wigs and makeup for women with cancer
* Buy a vacation home in Manhattan

Places I've lived:
* My mom's house growing up
* My first apartment
* The condo that Jason and I rented
* The house that we bought
* LaLa Land (haha)

I tag:
*Susan (haha)

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Kristen said...

so fun to learn more about you :o)