Well, yesterday was my thirty-first birthday. Last year I dreaded turning thirty and all in all it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be... I mean, I didn't spontaneously combust or anything. And as much as I dreaded turning the big three zero last year, I couldn't wait for that zero to become a one. Strange, I know.

Because I asked for a totally expensive but necessary birthday gift (a new camera) Jason had decided that he wasn't going to do anything to celebrate my birthday - and that was fine with me. But other people had other plans... Derek asked us what we were doing for my birthday and when we told him nothing, he basically said that that was unacceptable and that we were going to do something. So, our birthday party of zero became birthday party of seven. Then my brother, David, asked what we were doing... now party of nine. A day or so later Jason invited our friend Brett as well - so now we are up to ten. A few days before the big day Jason's other brother called and asked what we were doing... and after that, well, it just snowballed. Our party of zero turned into a party of nineteen. All of Jason's family plus my brother and Kara. We all went out to dinner at Carnitas and then came back to our house to play some Guitar Hero. And my awesome husband ordered a cake for me - something that he has never done!

All in all, it was a great birthday!

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Cheri said...

What a fun day it turned out to be!
I'm glad you had a party to celebrate! You deserve to have a special day.