So, I'm not really a trendy person clothing wise (or any other way for that matter - well, except for my addiction to Coach handbags). I do consider myself somewhat stylish, but I'm not the type of person who has to run out and buy something just because it's new and in style. I have my own personal style that I am more than comfortable with. I know what I like and I like what I wear. There are more than a few items that I would never, ever even think of wearing out of the house. Those items include, but are not limited to: sweat pants, stretch pants, knit pants, t-shirts (the manly kind, with words and stuff - with the exception of my "Wicked" shirt), sandals with socks, pajama pants, slippers, bathrobes, clothes that don't match or that clash, shirts with loud prints (I prefer plain tops or tops with a basic design), anything that I consider even remotely ugly or completely out of style... those are just a few that pop into my mind (and don't worry, if you dress like this, I don't judge - it's just about how I feel comfortable). That being said, this is how I left my house Saturday morning:

and I was wearing these on my feet:

In case you can't quite tell from the pictures, I was wearing not only pajamas pants, but a pajama top as well - and they had penguins on them. I was also sporting a pink bathrobe, slippers featuring snowmen and la creme de la creme - curlers in my hair. I think that this combination breaks more than a few fashion no-no's. So, what on earth possessed me to walk out my front door like this? A sale. Yes, I went out dressed like this to save money at a local craft store. You received twenty-five percent off for wearing pajamas and an additional five percent each for donning a bathrobe, slippers and curlers. So, I was able to save forty percent of my total purchase.

And let me tell you I was highly embarrassed driving the eight miles to the store. I kept thinking that everyone was looking at the lady with the curlers in her hair wearing a flannel shirt with penguins on it. I'm sure that no one was probably looking at all, but I felt so self conscious. And when I got to the store? Yeah, I almost didn't get out of the car. I nervously peered through the front sliding doors of the store to make sure that I saw someone else dressed in clothing that would end up with a life sentence from the fashion police. When I finely did get out of the car, someone coming out of another store stared at me and pointed. I so wanted to die...

Once we got inside (I dragged Dillon with me - also wearing his PJ's), I actually had fun and forgot what I was wearing (until I had to walk back to my car). There were a bunch of other women (and one man) wearing equally ridiculous attire, they had donuts and other breakfast pastries and I saved nearly twenty-five dollars on my loot! So, the moral of the story? Sometimes, looking absolutely horrific pays off... and I need to loosen up a bit.


Cheri said...

You are hilarious!!!
You look cute in your pj's- me on the other hand wouldn't look nearly that cute so I wouldn't dare do that!

PITA said...

The curlers made the outfit!

Marcia Fiedorowicz said...

you looked adorable, Rach! And, I must add, for even 25% off at a craft store, I would SO be right next to you dressed just as silly!!!