Is it just me or was last night's American Idol totally boring? I watch two whole hours of a bunch of boring performances (except Kelly and Carrie) and cheesemoso celebrity skits to see who gets kicked off this week. Except, hello? Wait, what? No one got the boot? Are you kidding me? So stupid. What a waste of two whole hours (ok, so I did tune out while it was on - and didn't see Gwen - did she even sing?)

And yes, it was for a good, no, a great cause, but there were sooo many stinking commercials that I'm sure FOX made as much money for their pockets as they raised for charity.

There were some things that I did like: Seeing Simon and Ryan actually get along (and who knew that Simon actually had a heart), Carrie singing and playing with the kids, Kelly singing with the old guy playing guitar, the fact that even though they were forced to wear those stupid matching white suits, the boys were able to figure out how to personalize them (loved the fact that Chris wore a white hoodie under it - looked really good!). I also liked the fact that they helped American people and not just ones from Africa. Don't get me wrong - I really do believe that the people of Africa need our help, but there are still some areas in our own country that are in extreme poverty.

Oh, and let me just say how nice it was to not have to see Sanjaya sing this week - even though we still had to be subjected to seeing him sitting in the audience.

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