Cool Shoes

When my mom was here she told Dillon that she was going to buy him a new pair of shoes. She asked him what kind of shoes he wanted and he told her that he wanted "cool shoes." (When he says things like that I forget that he is only twenty-five months old.) He then told her that he wanted orange shoes. OK, then. Well, since we didn't get to go shopping when my mom was here, Jason and I took him to get shoes last night. He saw these shoes and declared them "cool:

So, now my two year old has become an independent free thinking kid who knows exactly what he wants. My how he is growing up.


Cheri said...

Those are some cool shoes! They look even cooler on him!

Jeannett Gibson said...

Those ARE cool! Too funny! Amazing how quickly they grow up! Henry has been fascinated with all things trucks and pushes them around the house...seems so young to even know which side is up!

Love the recent pics you've posting!

Christina said...

so cute... love the flame... dillon has "Cool Shoes"