Disney Trip: Day Two

Our day started out great: Disneyland wasn't very crowded, the weather was nice, the lines were short. We got to Disneyland a little after two o'clock and rode Pirates of the Caribbean, the Pooh ride and the Jungle Cruise all before three o'clock. But, the Jungle Cruise was the last ride we got to ride for the day. Sadly, my Nana fell getting out of the boat. She fell onto the bench with her foot under her. The ride guy called first aid and they sent two registered nurses to check her out. By the time they arrived her foot was already swelling. They closed the ride and cleared out the line. So, there we were, sitting on a boat - I was trying to entertain a two year old and everyone else was trying to figure out how to get my Nana out of the boat. At one point I looked over and saw my Nana's head shaking and I asked my mom if she was crying. Nope, she was laughing. At least she was in good spirits along with her pain. They decided that the best way to get her out of the boat was to enlist the help of the Disneyland Fire Department. Now we had several ride workers, more than one security guard, five or six firemen, guys in suits, and two registered nurses all standing around. No wonder my Nana was laughing.

After she was out of the boat, they took her to first aid to further examine her ankle. They couldn't determine if it was broken or just sprained, so her next ride would be a ride in an ambulance to the local ER.

At one point when I was checking on my Nana, Dillon was outside with Jason and they were feeding the ducks that were in the planter. I walked outside to see Dillon crying hysterically - he had stuck his head between the bars in the fence surrounding the planter and his noggin was stuck! He couldn't pull it out because he had it turned and it had scared him. There was another mom around and she said that it scared her too. We could have really had an interesting day at Disneyland if Jason couldn't have gotten Dillon's head out.

I just want to add that everyone who helped us was beyond nice. One of the security guards gave Dillon multiple stickers. Three employees who walked by the first aid asked how she was doing and actually seemed concerned. The best part was that Disneyland actually gave me two tickets so that my mom and Nana could go again anytime within the next two years (and the girl who gave me the tickets said that she would pray for my Nana - which I thought was awesome).

Oh, and the most important part of the story is that there was no broken bones but she does have a severely sprained ankle.

**On the way to Disneyland, my mom told Dillon that she would buy him a hat and asked him what kind of hat he wanted. His answer? An orange hat. Here is the one that he picked:

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Kristen said...

oh my word - so sorry to hear about your nana but glad she is going to be okay.

Dillons' hat is far to cute :o)