Mother's Day Brunch

Today our church had a Mother's Day Brunch. Back in March, there was a blurb in the bulletin asking for people to send in their "mom stories". My niece, Tiffany, secretly mailed the person in charge a story about her mom, Susan, and they asked Tiffany to come in and record the message on video so that they could play it at the brunch. Here is what Tiffany wrote:

My name is Tiffany Slagle and I am 16 years old and I am writing this e-mail because I saw the note in the bulletin this past Sunday concerning the Mother's Day stories. I am the older sister of my brother Ryan who is 12 and my younger sister, Jordan, who is 10. In the past 2 years or so, our lives haven't been quite the same as they used to be. My mom, Susan, who used to work full time, was going to nursing school, raising 3 kids, and yet still had time to put dinner on the table every night for all 5 of us and time to just chill and have some family fun on the weekends, was diagnosed with colon cancer. In these past years of seeing her go through different treatments, seeing her suffer, but still seeing that smile on her face even when she felt horrible, has been just a huge encouragement to our whole family. She's the one everyone (well especially me) looks up to with that big grin and positive attitude everyday. She has shown us that you can never give up. To fight for everything you have, everything you've worked towards to get to where you are today. Yes, we all realize that sometimes things do get hectic and difficult but that never stops her from that sense of hope that everyone knows is there. She has been a hero to me, my whole family, and also her friends. She continues to amaze us more and more everyday!

They brunch was really nice and Susan was totally surprised to see her kids faces up on the screen.


Kristen said...

Your niece did an incredible job - I had tears in my eyes reading her note. How blessed her mom must have felt!

Cheri said...

Your niece has obviously inherited some of her mom's strength. What a beautiful letter. What a beautiful family~!