Disney Trip: Day One

My mom and Nana are in town for the week and today we took Dillon to California Adventure. It was supposed to be hot, but the morning was freezing and both Dillon and I were in shorts. Luckily, it warmed up in the afternoon. Other than the weather factor, we had a great day. We explored A Bugs Land, rode the big Ferris Wheel, watched the Playhouse Disney Live show, ate tortillas, watched Dillon run around Redwood Creek Challenge Trail and wore ourselves out. Long day, but lots of fun. Tomorrow: Disneyland!


Cheri said...

Love the family picture!
Looks like you all had fun- I love the picture of him all snuggled up in his stroller- so cute!

Kristen said...

looks like fun! what a full day - Dillon looks like one tired out little boy!

love the new header picture!

Anonymous said...

very cute pictures. =]
especially of dillyman. =]

ooo i remembered this time.
Tiffany. =]

Jeannett Gibson said...

Love the new family pic at the top...you all look great!