Fun Stuff

Dillon is becoming so much fun and has me laughing every day. He says some of the funniest things...

Today, just for fun, I knocked on his door when he was calling me after his nap (out, night night). I about fell over laughing when he said "who is it?"

One day I walked into his room to get him up and he was very stinky. I said "pee-you" and he copied me saying "pee-you" back to me. Again I said "pee-you" only this time he replied "pee-me"

Dillon learned the word "now" and he uses it every chance he gets. He's so cute - he'll say things like "I sit here now." He uses it so politely and never says it like "NOW"

He loves to sing. He also loves to sing solo and will tell whoever else is singing "no sing, Nannie sing." His favorite songs are "Twinkle, twinkle, little star" (lyrics are: tickle, tickle star) and the ABC song (lyrics: a-b-e-b-i)

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Kristen said...

so cute! i love that stuff that comes out of their little mouths - you are soo good to write that stuff down in your blog. even though you think you will remember it doesn't always happen.