Date Day

While we were up at my mom's, Jason and I got not just a Date Night, but a Date Day, too! It's been so long since we have done anything just the two of us. It's always the three of us, so it was amazing to be able to spend the day with my husband. We went to Starbucks and sat at a little table inside while drinking our beverages (as opposed to just zipping through the drive-thru as we normally do) and we did some shopping. For our evening, we had planned on going bowling and then out for sushi. We headed to the bowling alley and we're totally bummed - they were closed for Labor Day - on SUNDAY! So, we sat in the car deciding what we were going to do with ourselves. Bishop is such a small town that going bowling was really our only option. That's it, nothing else to do. And to top it off, the restaurant didn't open for two more hours. So on the spur of the moment, we decided to make the forty mile trek up to Mammoth. We drove along cranking the Octane channel on Sirius and talking and not being interrupted every five seconds by a cute little boy asking us cute little questions (mommy, where are we? daddy, you heard that? where are the cows at?...).

I guess that I should mention that Mammoth is pretty small, too, and there really isn't much to do there either. There are a few shops and outlet stores and some restaurants, but, we had also gone up there the day before too and had exhausted all the shopping options. So, we ended up going to a Mexican Cantina for some drinks and then out for Sushi. After dinner we (well, actually, I, since I was driving the car) decided to go for a drive. I just started driving and pretty soon we were going up a big mountain with some breathtaking views and then we ended up at the lakes. It was cold and windy and we were so not dressed for it, but we had to get out of the car more than once to take in God's amazing work. We were the only ones with out jackets and Jason was wearing shorts. But it was worth it! Great Day!

our drinks

our sushi

the view from our table

the dead lake
(the trees have died from the carbon monoxide in the air caused by volcanoes. there are warnings not to stay there too long)

God's Amazing Views (and some of me and Jason)

I've learned how to take half way decent self portraits...
Jason's has not.

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Kristen said...

looks like a fun day out! the pictures are great