I Speak Chinese

So my little guy is multi-lingual. He frequently tells us to "vamonos" and sometimes greets us with "hola" or "ni hao." I will tell him that we are going somewhere, like the store, and he will take me by the hand and say, "let's go, vamonos" so there is no doubt in my mind that he knows what it means. As for saying "ni hao" which is "hi" in Chinese, I'm not a hundred percent sure that he knows what he's saying (and he says it so cute) but, twice when we've been out and about he has seen Asian people and said it, so he's headed in the right direction at least. And, as if he wasn't already cute enough when he says "ni hao" he will often say: I speak Chinese.

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Cheri said...

That's so cute- he doesn't watch Dora by any chance does he?

I definitely think it's a sign of genius!!