Easter Celebrations

We had a wonderful Easter despite the early start. We decided to go to the 7am service at our church and to get there on time we had to leave the house right around 6am which meant getting up somewhere in the neighborhood of 5am. We got to church only to discover that there was no Kidshouse that early (or if there was we couldn't find it in any of the normal locations.) which meant bringing Dillon with us into the "big church." We sat in the back near the exit because we had no idea how he would behave having to sit there for an hour (thankfully the service was shorter than the normal hour and a half since the last time he was in the "big church" he bust out singing the Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin while our pastor was praying- thankfully it was not during a service and better yet - I wasn't there). He did amazing... He bobbed his head along with the Worship music and sat still most of the time. He was quiet and only had to be reminded once. I was so proud of him.

After church we headed over to Derek's house for some donuts and an Easter egg hunt. He had fun looking around the house for his eggs and eating the yummy treats inside.

Next stop of the day was to Jason's parent's house. There was another egg hunt and Dillon was so excited. I even like it because we get to get in on the action as the Easter Bunny hides an egg for all the adults with a five dollar bill inside. We had a nice, relaxing day celebrating the resurrection of our King!

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