A Superhero Party

For Dillon's birthday we decided to have a small (and by small, I mean in the neighborhood of forty) party with a Superhero theme. I didn't want it to be Superhero, like Batman and Superman, so instead we had a Super Dillon party. We rented a bounce house and Dillon LOVED it - so worth the money we paid! We decided to keep things simple and just ordered some pizza from Costco, I made a pasta salad and a Caesar salad and we bought some chips and whipped up some dip (meaning that I tore open the powder pouch and dumped it into a container of sour cream). The party was fun and laid back and wore me out... but it was worth it! Later in the week I will do a post about the cupcakes and the party details... it would be a huge post if I were to include it all here! 

the Super handsome birthday boy:

my niece and her best friend were brave and wore these:

Super cousins... couldn't get either of them to look... or smile:

the little kissing bandit:

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Cheri said...

What a great party! I love the kissing bandit- so cute!
Your cupcakes turned out great!