Out Of The Mouth Of My Babe

Dillon says some of the funniest (and sometimes annoying) things. The kid never forgets anything - he'll bring stuff up days, weeks and even months later. Here are a few of my favorite (and least favorite) things that have come out of his little mouth lately.

Something that he says all. the. time. that drives me insane is "what?" It's not so much that he says it probably in the neighborhood of five hundred times a day, but it's how he says it. It's like Whhuuuuttt. Loooooong and exaggerated and so annoying.

Another thing that he says quite frequently is "I'm upset." He never says I'm mad or sad, it's that he's upset. And I have no clue where this came from because neither Jason nor I ever says that.

I think that Dillon was born to be a nudist. The kid never wants to wear his clothes! This, for some reason bugs Jason - He is constantly asking me why I don't ever put clothes on the kid. The other day when I was changing Dillon's diaper shortly Jason was due to come home from work, I was trying to put his pants back on and he was not cooperating. I said "Don't you want to make Daddy happy by putting on your pants?" "No, I want him to be mad... at you!" Well, gee, thanks a bunch.

Back before Christmas we were watching the movie Mickey's Once upon a Christmas. There is a part in it with Huey, Dewey, and Louie. When Dillon saw them he said: "Mommy, too many Donalds!" Ever since then when there is a lot of something that is how he refers to it - as too many whatever. For example, "Dillon, do you want some grapes?" "I want too many grapes"

I took him to Disneyland a few weeks ago and decided to take him to see Playhouse Disney Live. I took him one other time and that was last May when we went with my mom and Nana. As we were sitting on the floor waiting for the show to start, Dillon looked at me and said: "Last time we came in here with Grammie and Nana." Wow! I was astonished that he had remembered something from almost a year ago - something that happened about a month after he turned two.

When we were driving home from picking up his Valentine's pictures he says to me: Mommy, my window get dirty. I looked at his window and sure enough - bird poop. I told him that a birdy went poo poo on his window. His response? "That is not nice!" The whole rest of the way home he kept saying, "why did the birdy go poo poo on my window" and "but, why?" We stopped at Starbucks on the way home and as we were leaving he saw a bunch of birds sitting on a telephone wire. "Mommy, too many birdies. (a short pause) I wonder which one went poo poo on my window. Maybe it was that one on the bell." It was a funny statement on it's own, but made funnier by the fact that we were about five miles away from where it all started.

He always wants to know who is singing when we are listening to the radio. During the Christmas season I constantly listen to Christmas music. One day while we were driving he asked me "Mommy, who's singing?" I replied "Mariah Carey" He responded "I don't like her... change it!" Jason about spit out his drink laughing so hard. A few songs later it was the song "Up on a Housetop." Dillon declared "Arrgh... a pirate song!" Why? Because they were saying (or so he thought) "Yo, ho, ho!" (You know, "Ho, ho, ho! Who wouldn't go!")

We don't eat fast food often, in fact hardly ever, but that doesn't stop Dillon from knowing the names of all the places. My three favorite names are: Some Boy (Subway) Jacket Box (Jack in the Box) and Carlos Mc Junior (Carl's Jr.) I sort of understand the Jacket Box one but the Carl's Jr. one baffles me to no end!

Jason's parents are Catholic and have a statue of the Virgin Mary in their back yard. Dillon was watering some flowers near her and inquired about the statue. My mother-in-law told him that it was Mary and that if you talk to her she can talk back to you. Dillon looked at her and said "No she can't... She's a statue!"
There are soooo many more to share, but I don't want to keep you reading all day.

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Cheri said...

I would have been happy to keep reading all day- those are adorable!
You're going to love having these posted to look back at down the road when he's a teenager!