Candy Apple Inn

This weekend I went on a scrapbooking retreat to the town of Julian. It's a cute little town full of history, bed and breakfasts and apples. We stayed at a place called the Candy Apple Inn. It's a house that the owner's rent out for scrapbooking. It was stocked to the brim with all kinds of fun tools and was decorated so cute. Each room had a different theme and name and it's own bathroom. The property was surrounded by trees and wild turkeys wandered around the yard.
One night I was outside on the deck talking to Jason on the phone and I heard a bunch of rustling in the bushes. It was eerie because it was so dark and I had no idea what was out there lurking in the woods. I ran back inside the house and asked if anyone had a flashlight because I couldn't stand not knowing what was out there. Was it the turkeys or raccoons or something else... something bigger? I went back outside - flashlight in hand and shined it across the yard there in the darkness eyes reflected back at me. And not just one pair but six or seven and they were not low to the ground. I went back inside before whatever was out there could come and get me and then I grabbed the other ladies that I was with and made them come outside because I still wanted to know what was out there ready to eat me (because I was sure it was a wolf or a coyote or a bear or the chupacabra...) As we stood there shining the light into the black abyss even more eyes were peering back at us. I adjusted the flashlight beam and finally saw what was out there... it was none other than Bambi and his friends! Boy was I relieved!
I figured that there would be no way I would be able to work on my albums the entire time we were there and I brought two books and a movie with me, but I was wrong. I got a ton of pages done - I think around fifty. I didn't read one page or watch my movie. Yeah, for fun and productive weekends!

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