Del Mar Fair and Kelly Clarkson!

Way back in March, Jason and I discovered that Kelly Clarkson was touring and we were excited to see that she was playing semi-close. She was playing the Del Mar fair which is about two hours away. Upon our discovery, we quickly hopped onto the Ticketmaster website and scored ourselves tickets in the eleventh row! It just sucked that we had to wait so long to see her.

Our tickets included parking (and we got to park like twenty feet from the front gate of the fair),fair admission and dinner. The dinner was delicious. There were several choices but we both picked the fillet with asparagus and blue mashed potatoes. We were a little weirded out by the fact that the potatoes were blue, but they were so, so good.

After dinner, I went to snap a few pictures only to discover that the batteries in my camera had died. I was bummed because I wanted to take pictures at the concert. So, I dragged Jason all over the fair on a hunt for batteries. I finally found some - just in time for the concert. As we were walking into the show, we saw the sign... No cameras! Seriously? Yup, there were actually two signs. I looked at Jason and he said just wait and see if other people were taking pictures. And were they? You bet they were. Everyone had cameras and everyone was using them and nobody said anything. Hooray!

Kelly is really wonderful in concert. She has an amazing voice and is so down to earth. During one of the songs she stumbled over the words and she just laughed at herself after the song. She said "well, at least you guys know that I'm not lip syncing." A few songs later her mic pack fell out of her back pocket and she blamed it on her "big butt" - her words not mine!

After the concert Jas and I walked around the fair for a bit and went for a ride on the sky way. We saw a teenage get his foot run over by a security guard in a golf cart and saw all kinds of strange fair food, including but not limited to chocolate covered bacon, mac and cheese on a stick and zucchini weenies. The most intriguing of them all were the zucchini weenies - hallowed out zucchinis with a hot dog inside battered and then deep fried. We didn't eat any of these strange foods, but we did share a giant cream puff that had chocolate whipped cream inside. Yummy!

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